Equipment Rentals


Sound Gear

We have a wide variety of quality gear available for rental, including audio mixers, amplifiers, speakers, monitor wedges, microphones, lighting, and more.

Package Pricing

We've helped many bands with turn-key gig packages for reasonable prices. These have often included a small trailer packed with a full PA and monitors, microphones, stands, cables, lighting, and even extra power strips. All you do is drive up with a tow vehicle, hook up to the trailer and go have a great gig!

Small Trailer Available

We have a small 5'x8' trailer available for rentals that's perfect for pulling behind almost any properly-equipped tow vehicle. The trailer holds a stage full of gear, and includes brakes for extra safety (if the tow vehicle is equipped with a 7-pin connector). This can eliminate the need for several band members to pack their cars and trucks for a gig.